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  • I Am AAM

    I Am AAM

    Power Through Our People

    The POWER of AAM starts with our people. We are committed to recruiting and retaining the sharpest, most creative minds in the industry, and providing them with a resource-rich environment that encourages and emPOWERs them to translate their ideas into game-changing reality. Together, our team works hard to deliver the POWER that moves the world. Read on to learn more about what POWERs our associates.

    Working at AAM allows me to work within a great team and lots of goal oriented colleagues so we can learn about new topics and achieve common goals.



    At AAM, I have the autonomy to develop activities with POWER and responsibility. In addition to the welcoming atmosphere, we have committed professionals who care about each other. Thank you #TeamAAM for allowing me to perform my role with such excellence.



    The constant "drive" to find technologically advanced design solutions here at AAM and to be the best in the auto industry for lightweight and power dense products not only motivates me, but also inspires everyone from the new talent to the experienced professionals around me. I also take pride in being part of the #IAmAAM family, especially when we pour our hearts out throughout the year to various causes and communities around us here in the USA, and near our global locations are the globe.



    I love being part of a respectful, teamwork-oriented environment with technical excellence and integrity. I am constantly inspired by our team to go the extra mile and deliver awesome results that can only be achieved when we work together. We do have the POWER to move the world!



    Having the opportunity to work on cutting edge technologies is one of my favorite things about working at AAM. #TeamAAM's passion for striving to continuously deliver new best-in-class products is just one of the many reasons why I am proud to be part of the team.



    As a kid, I loved fixing bikes and learning about car design. I never realized these passions could be combined into a career until I found an add for a vehicle architecture and gear design apprenticeship. 24 years later and I’m still here in an engineering career I love.



    Working in manufacturing means I get to help create a better tomorrow. We are building a safer, greener and brighter future.



    A positive organizational culture and standard operating system are the keys to feeling motivated and inspired at work, and AAM has both. I am always getting the opportunity to work on new technology that inspires me.



    Cars and particularly motorsports are a huge part of my life – this is my passion. Working in manufacturing means I have the opportunity to do work I’m passionate about, and I’m proud to be part of a team that’s responsible for developing products and systems that are such important components of the automotive puzzle. I am Delivering POWER with #TeamAAM



    I love the culture and people at AAM. #TeamAAM is really a big family.