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  • Sustainability

    AAM's Sustainability Program 

    Click the image to read the 2020 AAM Sustainability Report




     Letter from David C. Dauch


    Since our inception, AAM has believed being focused on sustainability is beneficial for our associates, communities, suppliers, customers and integral to our overall business strategy. With our cultural values and strategic principles as a foundation, AAM associates are empowered to act according to the highest standards of ethics and integrity, and with respect for the cultures in which we do business, while serving local communities and having a positive impact on the environment. AAM’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) program is a core part of how we do business globally and aligned with our strategic objectives, and we look to continue to strengthen this program moving forward.

    Over the last five years, we have invested more than $650 million in research and development – and the vast majority of that investment was made to develop and advance products that promote sustainability by reducing mass, increasing efficiency, lowering emission and driving electrification. These technologies will help automakers meet global environmental emissions regulations while also increasing fuel efficiency with lightweight axle systems, disconnecting all-wheel drive and transmission components and subassemblies that support the next generation of downsized engines and multi-speed transmissions.

    Products representing approximately 90 percent of our sales are manufactured by facilities that are certified to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard. During the last three years, we have more than tripled the number of manufacturing facilities that have earned the ISO 50001 Energy Management certification.

    But we aren’t stopping there. We feel ESG is such an integral part of our future business strategy that we included it on our top 10 corporate goals for 2019. AAM has created a cross-functional team aimed at enhanced ESG performance, monitoring and reporting throughout our organization and to relevant stakeholders. In addition, we strengthened the governance of our sustainability program by assigning oversight responsibility to the Nominating/Corporate Governance Committee of the Board, reflecting the importance of our program to AAM’s overall business strategy and objectives. AAM is committed to growing our business in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.


    Chairman of the Board &
    Chief Executive Officer
    David C. Dauch





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